Simultaneously add subordinated loans to Bogeumjari loans to resolve missing purchase funding limits

First of all, Bogeumjari Loan is a collateral product that can be used by the Korea Housing Finance Corporation and can be used at the time of purchase or for refinancing existing mortgage loansUnder the Civil Code, “Adult Koreans” (including overseas Koreans and Koreans of foreign nationality) are not applicable to the Credit Information Management Agreement of the Korea Credit Information Service,Available for repayment within the balance of the lease deposit only for the purpose of returning the lease deposit for the current collateral: Must be the same as the debtor to repay the existing mortgage for purchase or preservation purposesThe reason for using Bogeumjari Loan as a purchase fund is that DSR regulations are not applied temporarily, and in fact, if Bogeumjari Loan is used as a purchase fund, it can be used at lower interest rates than banks and insurersStill, will it be a subordinated loan of Bogeumjari Loan, which is insufficient?Still, will it be a subordinated loan of Bogeumjari Loan, which is insufficient?Still, will it be a subordinated loan of Bogeumjari Loan, which is insufficient?1. This is how it is used: Construction products do not mean that subordinated loans cannot be made. Misunderstanding products owned by many people = Added after government support and added when using them. Once you use it, it’s over?!
No, it’s the same as collateral used for banks and insurance companies. It can be solved with a subordinated loan that is insufficient. At the time of purchase and sale, you can raise more funds to solve the balance.2. Product information used: In the subordinated collateral financial sector, you can proceed with the subordinated loan of the insufficient balance and the insufficient limit regardless of DSR. However, the subordinated conditions of all financial companies are not available for the balance!
3. It’s also used in this way. After you can borrow money after the loan limit is insufficient, you can add it to the balance when you buy and sell…but you can use it for additional living expenses and extra fundsPrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next image